Why join Social SME Academy Coaching Programme?

Coaching Programme


The Start-Up Accelerator & Business Incubator Coaching Programme takes individuals on a journey that will enable them to become successfully self-employed. The innovative methodology can be used with people who are unemployed, part-time workers, or even full-time workers who are looking for change.
It is a flexible, individualised, practical learning framework, based on the expertise and experience of people who have made the journey to self-employment. The precise manner of adaptation will be done in consultation with the partnership after the initial research of the current situation in EU and in all partners’ countries.

If you have a business idea, you are interested in becoming a successful social entrepreneur and you are seeking support in developing your skills… You are in the right place!
In 2019, we will be organising five FREE training weeks events in Italy, Poland, Portugal, UK and Spain where you could learn a new approach for starting your business.
All you have to do is fill out this form and explaining your idea through 3 simple questions … by registering this application you will be inserted automatically in the selection process and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

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